Photo by: Tintype Charlie Edited by: L.Fitz
You may order any item as you see it  or have it
customized to fit you,   match your rig, or
personalize it, that is why we do not list prices
on most items. Every order is a custom order
and details, such as the folds of a flower, or the
filler in the carving, are going to be different with
every order. So even if your shooting pards
order the same type of knife sheath and design,
it will be those differences that make each
unique, personal, and nobody else in the world
will have one exactly like yours. We are always
open to your ideas and needs and it is our goal
to get you exactly what you want, how you want
it, from a fully customized rig to a single staging
If e-mailing Michigan Rattler isn't enough to get
us going on your project,  just give a call on the
talkie, (616) 745- 1799, ask for Rattler or leave a
message; we may be out shooting! Once we
know what you want us to make you will be
surprised at how fast it will be in your
possession, happy with it and proud of it! That
is my personal goal...Michigan Rattler
For pricing, questions, or to discuss your needs
e-mail Michigan Rattler
Ian Kelley/ Leaus; "I received the rig today. That  
is the best looking gun belt I have seen. I love it.
It is so handsomely crafted…Thank you so
much for the exquisite gun belt, holster and mag
pouches --cant wait to wear it."

High Noon Henry; "Great work.
You do make a quality rig that is sure to last me
a long time and looks great also.
The quality is excellent and attention to detail is
the best."

Eddie Misiak;
"I got my rig with no troubles on Friday and took
it out to a shoot on Saturday. The rig looked
amazing, better than I expected and it performed
like I had been using it for years, Wow! I got lots
of nice comments on it as I strutted around
proudly. I love it! I think you may have some new
customers coming next year. Thanks again"

Stoney Creek;
Just got the mag pouches and they are great. I
now can carry six mags in the same space as
four previously.

Morgan James;
am VERY pleased...Once again, thank you for
your willingness to work with me on the final
vision, and doing it so fast.

Deadshot Dan
...looks great as always, i'm never disappointed
with yer leather art. I'm always happy to give my
business to ya. You take pride in your work,and
ya hold true to yer word...

Rich Newell
I received the shotgun belt and its great!!!! I have
been extremely impressed with our business
transaction. I can't thank you enough for the
way you handled my error with the
measurements. I will always speak very highly
of you and the quality workmanship and the
solid business approach you resolve and
handle customer concerns.

Jimmy Spurs
I have also heard of u and your fine work over
the years and when I was told that u were the
one that had hand crafted the rifle case it only
took one look to know that I would be proud to
own such a fine piece, at any cost, and even
better to have all the proceeds going to such a
great cause...

Deuce Stevens
to say that I am pleased with my holsters would
be a understatement. They are fantastic and are
as functional as they are good looking. Exactly
what I was after. Thanks, Deuce.

Frenchy Cannuck, NB, Canada
Howdy Michigan Rattler,
Got back from lunch and got your message,
The Cowboy way is alive and well in Grand
Rapids. It is a great feeling to know that a mans
word is still good! You sir, are a credit to
Cowboy Shooters and business people
PHOTO: Al Disbro
PHOTO: Al Disbro
(616) 745-1799